03 September 2012

Toys From My Childhood

If the picture of these toys don't show it enough, I was an 80's child.  My favorite childhood toys included the Lite Brite, Teddy Ruxpin, Girl Talk game, Disney Read Along Books with Cassettes, and my Rainbow Bright Dolls.  I remember many of sleepovers with my friends where we played Girl Talk.  There was one other popular girl game where you got matched up with guys and each card had a different guy and a little bio about them.  I think it was called Mystery Date or something like that.  Fun times!

My Teddy Ruxpin doll still actually resides at my grandmother's house in his box.  I wonder what my kids would think of the toys I played with as a child.  They're probably not cool enough or techy enough to match up to today's toys, but they were just perfect for me in those days.

What were some of your cherished childhood toys?  Comment below!

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