14 September 2012

When Being Right Is Wrong

Whey Beyond the Naked Truth

Today's Autumn Blog Challenge Question:  When has being right been wrong?

When I think of this question a lot of different scenarios for me come to mind.  Collectively, I would say that most of these scenarios fit into the topic of standing up for myself or for what I believe is right.  I live in a small town and I have bitten my tongue on more than one occasion whether it be with neighbors, kids' teachers, fellow parents in the community, etc.  Sure I could state my case, prove I'm right, but it would most likely lead to something escalating into possible confrontations or having my children be subject to the results of my actions in our community/school system.  For me being right in standing up for myself is usually the wrong thing to do.  I do usually kick myself just seconds later for not speaking my mind, but sometimes being right, or should I say proving you're right, isn't always worth it.  I've gotten a lot better at standing up for myself over the years.  I have just learned to pick my battles in this department.

When has being right been wrong for you?  Comment below!

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