01 October 2012

Autumn Blog Challenge Weekend Prompts

Whey Beyond the Naked Truth

My catch up post for this past weekends prompts!

Autumn Blog Challenge Prompt for 9/29 - You just found $500 cash. You can keep it, no questions asked. What would you do with it?

Right now I would definitely have to say that I would stick that money away to put towards Christmas shopping. 

Autumn Blog Challenge Prompt for 9/30 -  If you were to add a 13th month to the year where would you insert it?

Still thinking along the lines of Christmas, I would have to say I would stick a 13th month after December.  It seems like Christmas, my birthday, and New Year's are so crammed together with them being all in one week.  Seems like a little room there would be a nice change, and an excuse to keep my Christmas tree up longer!

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