04 October 2012

My Adventure At The Local Corn Maze

Whey Beyond the Naked Truth

Today's Autumn Blog Challenge Prompt:  Tell the story of your first time on a hayride, in a corn maze, in a haunted house, etc.

Last year was my first time at our local haunted corn maze.  My husband, the four kids, and myself all went.  I thought it was going to be right up my ally with me being the horror movie lover and all.  It turns out that while watching it on television is just fine, having real life dressed up clowns, crazed killers, etc. is not all that fun!  I was such a wimp that the younger two girls and I left at the halfway point exit and waited in the car while my husband and older two girls finished the maze.  I remember two parts that really scared me.  The first was seeing that the only way through was to go towards this scary clown guy.  I turned back to try to muster up the courage and when I turned back around somehow another clown had run up on me!  Did not like that one!  The other was when I decided to look behind me and noticed a guy with a chainsaw creeping up on me.  Needless to say I won't be doing that maze ever again.  My husband and older girls will be going this month.  The twins and I will just be content at home.  I will stick to being scared from my couch!

Have you ever been to a corn maze, haunted house, or on a hay ride?  Comment below!

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