06 November 2012

Bye Bye Wisdom Tooth & More Medical Fun For My Week

The reason for my lack of posts the past couple of days has been due to dealing with some medical procedures that have been keeping me busy.  Monday I had a wisdom tooth pulled.  The darn thing decided out of nowhere to visit me in my 30's and cause havoc.  It was pulled by my dentist in office and it was not the most pleasant experience to say the least.  My mouth hurts something bad so I have been laying low with that whole thing.

Now this morning I had two different MRI's to try to get to the root of the headaches I have been plagued with since I had a brain surgery when I was 18.  The first MRI was your plain run of the mill scan.  The second time was with contrast so they could get a better look at my blood vessels.  I was happy to see that my reports were in tonight and my office emailed me a copy of the reports.  Now I know though why you should never Google things on a medical report.  While there are no tumors or anything of that nature to report which is great news, I noticed my contrast scan showed malacia in the area I had surgery.  Google tells me this is softening of the brain.  I had to quit reading things after that.  I have an appointment to go over the results with my doc on Monday but now I feel very scared and unsure of what this all means.  Wishing I had a neurosurgeon as a BFF right now to break it all down for me lol!  

I figured posting would be a good way to get it out and off my mind before bed.  Tomorrow I will wake up with a more positive outlook on this and my pain and get back into my scheduled posts that are backed up for me to finish.  On the plus side all 3 of my girls won their first volleyball games tonight so I'm a proud mama right now!  Trying to focus on the positives!

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