26 November 2012

Mom Goes Back To School

My first day back to school will be December 3rd!  I'm starting my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and I'm filled with both excitement and nervousness.  I think a lot of that is transitioning from a community college to the university level.  I was used to the school and how the process of everything flowed, even down to the ease of the online classroom format.  While I am still going to be doing school online this time as well, it's a new platform and one I hope to get used to quickly.  I have an online open house tomorrow to see how the new school's platform works and to set myself up in general for success.  

Picking an online college was one that took me all summer and into last minute before winter term.  As everyone is aware, higher education doesn't come cheap!  I thought I had found a good online school when I heard great reviews about Peru State.  I had myself all set up for the start of fall semester when their financial aid department didn't get things done in time for me to start.  If there's one thing I want in a college, it's one that knows what they are doing!  That is how I ended up stumbling upon American Public University.  While their tuition isn't as low as Peru State, they have competitive rates that stack up lower than most online schools, and as a bonus - textbooks are included in the tuition.  Peru State was going to charge me close to $1,000 for one term of books so I figure American Public University including textbooks pretty much makes up for the tuition difference!

My Classes This Term:

American Indian History
Spanish I
Psychology of Personalities
Psychology of Terrorists

I will be sure to blog about my journey along the way!  Are you currently in school?  What are you studying?  Comment below and share!

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