13 November 2012

Why I Take The Time To Validate My Blog Giveaway Entries

As I was going through and validating winners for two different giveaways here on the blog that ended tonight, I came across a cheater.  Now this isn't the first time this has happened, though I am happy to see it isn't the norm.  Most people are honest when it comes to blog entries, as they should be.  If you are taking your valuable time to stop by my blog and enter in ways such as by following on Twitter, "liking" on Facebook, subscribing to my email list, etc. you should feel confident that if not you, someone just as honest will win the giveaway.  And if you are taking your time to actually honestly do the entries, you should expect the blogger running the giveaways to validate entries so that cheaters don't win.  In my opinion it's a two way street.

Now I started entering blog giveaways before I even started my own blog years ago.  I love entering them and finding new and interesting blogs out there!  I personally would hate to think that a cheater may get the win over someone like me who actually does the entry requirements.  Now I know some bloggers say that it takes too much time to validate, yada yada.  I think all bloggers need to take the extra steps and the extra time to ensure the right person gets the prize.  It's only fair right?  This cheater I caught not only lied about liking the sponsor on Facebook, I went in to view all this person's entries and found out that they didn't actually do a single one of the entries, but of course they said they did all of them!  It made it even sweeter for me to award the next person randomly chosen the prize after seeing that they were honest about their entries.  I know this person will appreciate their prize and there's now one less prize in the hands of a cheater.  Bloggers, please take the time to validate!

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