12 December 2012

School Update - Week 2

Well it's week 2 of my journey towards my bachelors degree so I thought I would post an update!  Week 1 was very hectic, hence the lack of update for that!  I feel much more confidant now that I've settled into the swing of things at APU (American Public University).  At first their online learning format scared me because it wasn't the old format I was used to at my last school.  Now that I'm into week 2 I have learned to navigate the format a lot better and I'm actually starting to really enjoy this new format.

I did quickly learn why they max you out at 15 credits per semester at APU.  The workload is pretty intense.  Even though it took me all week last week, I got all my assignments completed on time and with good grades to boot!  I keep a calendar of all my assignments and when they are due, which helps so much.  I'm busy without school added in, so a calendar keeps me on track and sane!  One highlight so far would have to be acing my first math test, which was a class I was dreading since I'm not that great at math.  Another thing I really enjoyed was my first week of Spanish.  We are using the Rosetta Stone software and it really is an excellent program that makes learning fun and easy.  If you've ever thought about using this software I would highly recommend it!

So that's it for my school update this week!  I will make sure to post an update weekly from here on forward.  If you're currently going back to school I would love to hear what you're majoring in and what your experience has been like.  Leave a comment below and share!

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