21 December 2012

Week 3 School Update

Continuing in my updates on my road to my bachelor's degree in Psychology, here is my update for week 3!  This past week went really well.  I aced my first Spanish test and I actually aced yet another math test.  It's hard to believe that math is really going this well for me right now, as it's a subject I have always struggled in.  I got a B on my test regarding my reading in my Psychology of Terrorism class but I will take it because this class is by far my hardest with a lot of required reading.  I have one more assignment tonight so I can finish up and be done for the week.  I have to write a report for a different Psychology class that I tried to do last night but my daughter had a sleepover, and any mother out there will understand when I say that it was impossible to get anything done during all that!  Since I attend an online college that starts classes up every month I will not technically have a "winter break", which means I have a regular bulk of assignments due next week.  My plan is to get a head start on most of it Monday, take Christmas day off to relax with family, and then jam the rest out after that.  I'm looking forward to finishing up tonight and enjoying my weekend!

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