12 January 2013

Mom To The Rescue - Fixing Water Damage On An iPod Touch

Right now I am one relieved mom with one happy kiddo!  Yesterday we finally located my 8 year old's missing iPod touch that we gave her for Christmas.  It had been missing for 8 days.  Needless to say she had been very upset because she barely had it before she went and lost it.  We had called the school, the school bus department, the store we went to the day it got lost, and it was basically right in front of our noses the whole time!  Her sister found it outside in the front lawn of all places!

At first I was so happy to see it, but then I thought about what kind of weather it had been through the past 8 days including heavy rain, freezing overnight conditions, and even some light snow.  I was sure it was toast!  Remembering a trick we did when my husband spilled liquid on his phone, I quickly grabbed a sandwich size tupperware container, filled it with dry rice, and put the iPod touch (powered off) basically buried inside the container covered in the rice.  Then I set the container on top of a heater vent.  It's been so cold the heater comes on at least once an hour so I figured it would get a good steady stream of heat.  Then I left it like that for 24 hours.  

This morning we hooked it up to the charger and the screen came on.  I'm thinking this is a good sign, let's wait until it's fully charged to see what happens!  Everything actually is running pretty smoothly.  The only problem is once in a while the wifi will go out, but I'm hoping over the next couple of days it corrects itself.  I read on another website that this can happen from water damage, but that it can usually go away on it's own.  Most of my daughter's apps can still function without the wifi though and her music works fine so we are both thrilled.  Rice and some heat really does the trick!

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