14 January 2013

Week 6 School Update

Technically I suppose this should be titled Week 7 school update, but I have missed some weeks with the holidays so I thought I would use today to do a recap of last week.  Week 7 update will be up this Friday.  Challenges that have been presenting itself these past couple of weeks are math and conjugating verbs in Spanish.  I finally hit a snag in my math after doing so good in the beginning.  We've been working on graphing equations and finding slope intercepts.  I still have two more weeks of graphing equations before we finally move on to another area.  Thank goodness!  Now Spanish has been going really good for the most part.  A lot of it has been recap of what I learned taking Spanish in high school.  The problem I had then though that is starting to plague me again now is conjugating verbs.  I can easily remember the names for things in Spanish, but finding out how to properly form sentences with them is a struggle.  I'm hoping this gets easier for me since I want to continue with Spanish, with a goal of becoming fluent in the language.

Today marks two weeks left of three of my classes, and then I will be down to just two classes for the next two months.  My school's classes run on both 8 week and 16 week intervals depending on the class. One class I have thoroughly enjoyed is my Psychology careers class.  I had no idea a degree in Psychology could land you in so many different areas.  This class has actually introduced me to the career I am going to enter into after my bachelor's degree is finished.  In my state you have to have a master's to do any therapy work and I want to be able to find something to get into for starter's after my bachelor's, and this class has shown me great options!  On another note I just ordered a 2013 scholarship book off of Amazon.  I'm hoping to get some scholarships this year and lessen my student loan debt I'm accumulating!  Wish me luck  :)

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