20 January 2013

Week 7 School Update

Week 7 is now coming to an end today.  Week 8 starts tomorrow and I'm very excited because it will be the last week of 3 of my classes.  That will leave me with a much lighter work load of just 2 classes until the end of March.  This past week I've been super busy with 3 research papers due on top of my regular coarse load.  I almost didn't think I could seriously get it all done this past week, but somehow like always I push myself to make the impossible, possible!  Two of my three classes ending I currently have an A in, and the other class ending I have a solid B.  I'm hoping with the research report I'm turning in today, paired with hopefully a killer score on the final, I can pull that B up to an A.  I also have been busy applying for any and all scholarships I qualify for.  If you're in school or are thinking of heading back soon, the beginning of the year is a busy time for scholarships and also getting your financial aid forms completed.  Below is the book I recently ordered from Amazon and I have found it to be a goldmine of information when it comes to scholarships.  If you're a student then it's a must read! 

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