30 January 2013

Week 8 School Update

My week 8 update is coming a little later than I had planned due to my fun {inset sarcasm here} interruption this past week of nursing myself back to health from a nasty bout of the flu.  I have now finished three of my five classes this term.  I'm still waiting for my final grade in my psychology of terrorism class but for my college success and careers in psychology class I received A's!  I'm hoping for an A in my terrorism class since I'm sitting at a B+ right now with one final assignment left to be graded.  That class has been a challenge.  The teacher was very strict in his grading and while I thought I did a knock out job on my research paper, I received a B on the assignment.  I did however pull off an A on my final which helped.  Now I'm just left with my algebra and spanish class.  I'm glad that my focus can now be on these two classes because they both take a great deal of study time each week.  So far I am really enjoying taking my classes online through APU and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to go back to school!

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