20 March 2013

Finishing Up Winter Term

"Wow" is basically the word that could pretty much sum up this past week.  You may have noticed I didn't get much blogging done in the last few days.  This is my last week of the winter term and I'm very happy with the outcome of my grades (still waiting for 2 to come through) and I do start spring classes April 1st so not much of a break in between, but hey, it works for me!  It keeps me busy and I honestly don't mind getting this all done sooner rather than later.  Lord knows I'm not getting any younger!  :)

Also, within the past week my husband was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, which has led us to change things drastically as far as health and especially eating goes in our house.  Some of you may have seen my quitting smoking post, which my husband also joined me in quitting (hooray!) and today actually marks one week smoke free!  So needless to say I have not been short of stress and things to keep me busy this past week.  I have a fun review and giveaway coming up within the next few days from Carmex so stay tuned for that one and I hope to get some fun and interesting posts up before spring term starts!

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