27 March 2013

Winter Term Wrap Up - Grades Are In!

Winter term has now officially come to an end, which consisted for me of both a mix of some 8 week and 16 week courses (whew!).  It was a new adjustment outside of traditional 12 week courses I was used to in community college.  One thing I did like was having my math course taken as a 16 week course, which made it not feel as rushed.  I felt I was able to better able to soak up the material at this pace and it proved to pay off for me in the end because I actually did pretty well in a math class for once, which has always been one of my weakest subjects!  I start Spring classes April 1st so needless to say I am enjoying this short break right now, but as usual I thought I would post my grades and share my next round of classes I will be taking.  Any other moms {or dads} out there gearing up for Spring term?  I would love to hear what courses you will be taking!

Winter Term Grades:

Foundations of Online Learning  (A)
Spanish I  (A)
Algebra  (B+)
Professional Careers & Education in Psychology  (A)
Psychology of Terrorism  (B+)

Upcoming Spring Classes:

American History since 1877
History of the American Indian
English Literature: 18th Century to Present
Personality Theories
Psychology of Addiction & Substance Abuse

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