05 September 2013

Freshman Life 101: Scoring the Best Apartment Ever


 A lot of young individuals think high school is the best there ever is to life - until they get to college. While high school is all about having fun and being silly and having the appropriate levels of hormonal activity to justify it all, college is about being set for the future and building up the self to quasi-perfection.
It may sound a bit daunting - having to face the responsibilities of college life, but it can also be quite fulfilling especially when you finally reach the end. But in the meantime, setting yourself up for the next four years should be the first priority.

One of the biggest concerns of individuals who're going away for college is finding the apartment that will hit not just hit two, but three, four, or five birds with one stone. This simply means that such an apartment would be one of its kind, and very likely difficult - if not impossible - to find. But who doesn't want to live in an apartment that's reasonably-priced, spacious and sparklingly new, totally secure, and not to mention sitting just five steps from the campus?

The ever-elusive perfect apartment, however, shouldn't be just some impossible dream. Here's what we suggest you do to score the apartment everybody else in your university would covet:
     1. Start before everybody else does.
     The best of their sort will most likely get a full booking ahead of the rest, so make sure to have first dibs on this lot. So if you're starting the semester in September, try searching around as early as June or July (when everybody else is busy getting a tan and frolicking at the beach) and negotiate a reservation with the landlord. Tallahassee in Florida has a big number of apartment rentals around the area since it is home to a lot of universities. If you're studying somewhere here, your best bet should be any of the apartments near TCC.

     2. Make a checklist of your needs and wants.
     While chances are you won't get to tick every single one of these (especially if they're way too idealistic), having a clear picture of your ideal apartment will certainly expedite your search. All you have to do is to bring the list with you every time you're on your foot for an ocular, and see which among your picks gets the most checks. If you find one that gets all checks, then good! But if you don't, then go for your best available option.

    3. Invest on a favorable overall environment.
    The house that you'd be calling home for the four years of college plays a crucial part in your success, so you might as well put some money into it and you'll be amazed to see returns. A good apartment should be well-lit, spacious, clean, newly remodeled, fully functional, and at least semi furnished. The community that surrounds it should also be friendly, harmless, and safe even at night. Remember, you will be spending your study sessions at your place so it's very important that its qualities and amenities can support all of your tasks. 

Cedric Loiselle is a talented and passionate writer who enjoys providing useful information for the real estate niche.

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