10 September 2013

My Fall Class Schedule

These past few weeks I have been settling back into a routine with the kids as they have been heading back to school and getting used to having homework again and waking up early (kids just love that!).  Next month though I also head back to school, which meant that this week I needed to gear up with choosing my classes and registering for them.  I can't believe that I'm only three terms away from graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology!  It has truly flown by so far.  I only had one core requirement class left to take, which was American Government, so I'm getting that out of the way this term.  The rest of my classes from here on out will be strictly Psych (excited!).  The following is my classes this term:

* American Government

* Research Methods in Psychology

* Learning & Cognition

* Introduction to Child Development

* Perception

Are you a Mom heading back to the classroom this year?  Comment below and share!

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