10 December 2013

Grades Are in for Fall Term!

Fall grades are in!  It has been a long and tedious term to say the least.  You may have noticed my blogging went down dramatically these past few months.  This was definitely due to trying to keep up with my school work load during fall term.  I had a goal. One I have been trying to accomplish every term since starting my bachelor's degree, but somehow a B always found it's way into the mix.  But this time I actually did it!  I made all A's and let me tell you it was far from a walk in the park!  I'm so proud of myself though and I am going to enjoy this holiday season and getting back into the swing of things here on the blog now that I have accomplished my goal.  Below is my grades:

American Government:  A-
Introduction to Child Development: A
Research Methods in Psychology: A
Psychology - Learning & Cognition: A
Psychology - Perception: A

I'm also so proud of my two oldest girls who recently brought home their report cards earning a 4.0 and a 3.75!  My younger girls are still in elementary school and don't earn letter grades yet but their report cards showed they are doing excellent as well so I am one proud mama all around!

I have already registered for next term and my courses will be:

History and Systems of Psychology
Child and Adolescent Development
Infant-Toddler Development

Any other Moms out there going to school?  Comment and share!  

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