06 May 2015

An Easy Way to Help Pay Down Your Student Loans

Paying down your student loans can be a real pain.  Since graduating my grace period has finally ended and this month marks my first month of loans payments due.  In the past I have blogged about a resource that I came across while in school called SmarterBucks.  It is a program that rewards you with payments towards your student loans by doing simple tasks like taking surveys or shopping online.  I used to use a different rewards website for my online shopping to get cash back, but now it just makes more sense to do my online shopping through SmarterBucks, where my cash back gets sent directly towards my loans.  I love how that works!  

Other features that SmarterBucks offers includes a gifting section where family and friends can also sign up for their own SmarterBucks account to earn rewards on your behalf.  This way their shopping and surveys can benefit you as well!  You can also check out the SmarterBucks debit card from Radius Bank which offers 1% back in rewards towards you loans.  Overall I love this site and when I have a spare moment I complete a couple surveys and I always shop through SmarterBucks to earn my rewards.  I also love reading their blog for tips and tricks to help live debt free!

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