31 July 2010

Blamtastic Lip Balm Review

 Blamtastic Lip Balm Review

What's more exciting than a lip balm company created by kids, for kids!  Blamtastic Lip Balm is the product of the Sandler sisters and their vision for what a good lip balm should be!  This lip balm isn't just for the girls either, there's a boys line as well.  Blamtastic has "Luscious Lip Balm" for girls and "Potent Lip Balm" for guys.  

I had the pleasure of receiving some great balm samples from Blamtastic for review and you should of seen how excited my daughters were to get their hands on some!  
Four girls + New Lip Balms = Excitement Overload!
I had to try some too of course, you know, for review reasons (sshh!)  The kids and I love how yummy these lip balms smell.  They truly smell exactly how they are named, not overpowering waxy smells like other lip balms on the market.  The kids also just love the lip balm sleeves for their balms!  They like that they can clip them on their belt loop for easy Blamtastic application.  I like that I'm able to feel safe knowing that they are having fun with their new Blamtastic balms and I don't have to worry about any harsh or needless additives.  As for one of the spares I put in my purse for myself, it will be used!

So What Makes Blamtastic So Different From Other Lip Balms?

* Not Tested On Animals
* Petroleum Free - Unlike other companies who use it cause it's cheap. Blamtastic uses natural emollients!
* Made In The U.S.A. - Did you know most lip balms are not! 
* No Parabens - If you didn't know, parabens are synthetic preservetives that mimic estrogen and are widely   used in the cosmetic world. I don't know about you but I don't want my children around that junk!
*SPF-15- Our lips need protected too!

Now For The Fun Stuff!

Blamtastic for girls comes in fun choices such as Cherry Nilla, Lemon-licious, O.M.G. (Oh My Grape), Wow Wow Watermelon, Sassafrassy Root Beer, and Strawberry Shake!

Blamtastic for boys comes in fun choices such as Brain Squeeze- Sour Cherry, Radioactive- Lemon Lime, Alien Invasion- Green Apple, Grand Slam Blam- Bubblegum, Ballistic Blam- Blue Razz, and Frenetic Fizz- Orange Soda!

Blamtastic also makes Lip Blam Sleeves so you never have to worry about losing your balm!  You can purchase them separate from the balm, or you can buy them already with your lip balm from Amazon.com Hooks easily to notebooks, sports bags, or backpacks for handy application!

Want To Get Your Hands On Some Blamtastic?
Visit Blamtastic At Their Website: Blamtastic.com
Join Blamtastic On Twitter!
Check Out Blamtastic On YouTube!
You Can Even Purchase Blamtastic On Amazon!

*Disclaimer: I received the above product from Blamtastic in exchange for an honest review.  For my full disclosure policy click here.

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  1. I love that there aren't any parabens, and that it has 15spf. Plus, the boy flavor names are clever!