02 September 2010

"4 The Pets" Day 6


Day 6 of "4 The Pets" week is here and today is all about the wonderful company Poochie-Bells.  Poochie-Bells is the original and trusted designer doorbell potty training tool!  Endorsed by dog professionals, Poochie Bells comes complete with easy to follow training instructions and are designed to fit any doorknob, handle, or hook.  With over 50 styles to choose from, you are sure to find the Poochie-Bells to match your decor and budget!

Poochie-Bells work by using a repeated command or phrase such as "Outside..Ring The Bells". Following this you would then ring the Poochie-Bells and let your dog outside.  After repeated stimulus of this process your dog will quickly catch on to ring the Poochie-Bells on their own!  What's great about Poochie-Bells is that dogs of any age can use this system!  Poochie-Bells proves you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

I had the wonderful opportunity to review Poochie-Bells with my own pup to see how this product works!  My dog is older and I figured these might not work because my dog seems to be set in his ways.  He never has issues going outside on time but I'm always just letting him out various times throughout the day so he never usually has to hint around to go out.  I thought Poochie-Bells would be a nice way to have him let me know when he needed to go out, without me just guessing.  

It took my dog about a week to have the system down.  Of course it has to be a two way deal.  As an owner you have to be consistent or the dog will become confused or reject the method completely.  The first time my dog used the Poochie-Bells to let us know he needed to go out, my husband and I were sitting in the living room.  We heard the bells, looked at each other with wide eyes, and rushed over to give him lots of praise (and to let him out of course!).  Poochie-Bells do work and I couldn't be happier with the results!  

Poochie-Bells also sells the Leash Link as pictured above.  I also had a chance to review this product with my dog.  The leash link is a great tool that snaps onto your dog's leash for a handy way to carry your keys and more!  I liked that I can use the Leash Link when I take my dog for walks and I don't have to worry about cramming my keys in my pocket.  The Leash Link does all the carrying for me!

Other products available from this great company include leashes, collars, interchangeable ribbons for your Poochie-Bells, and decorative hooks!

Poochie-Bells has been featured in Cesar's Way magazine, Bark magazine, Modern Dog magazine, and was a Buzzillions Reviewers Choice 2010 finalist.  Celebrities also love Poochie-Bells! See some of them HERE.

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