03 September 2010

"4 The Pets" Day 7 Part 1

The Refined Feline

It's Day 7 of "4 The Pets" week and today we are bring two different companies to you to end the week with a bang!  First up is the wonderful cat company:  
The Refined Feline.  

When it comes to cat furniture, The Refined Feline is the top of the line in design!  All of their pieces are beautifully crafted and most pieces can be matched as far as the wood color to fit the rest of your home.  The product I wanted to share with my readers today is one that any cat owner will appreciate.  It's called the Kitt-In Box!

If you have a computer and a cat, you probably have experienced the kitty on the keyboard dilemma.  I know my cat loves to jump up on the desk and explore everything on it while trying to get attention.  In the process she walks on the computer keyboard and creates more of a problem than anything.  The Kit-In Box is the product to see!

With the Kitt-In Box, cats can have a place to rest while still being in arm's reach of a belly rub or ear scratch.  Kitt-In Box is a cat bed that attaches to the side of a desk or can be placed on top.  Felt pads are included with the Kitt-In Box to protect your desk.  This unique cat bed is designed to hold up to a 20 pound cat or even a small dog!  Kitt-In Box comes in your choice of Birch, Mahogany, or Cherry wood finish.

I had the great opportunity to review the Kitt-In Box in my own home with my cat.  I was really excited to try this product since I have a young cat who just joined our family recently and loves to be on the desk with us while we are working!  When the box came in the mail I opened it and was wondering if I was going to be able to put this together myself.  My husband was at work and I was eager to try this thing out, so I jumped right into reading the instructions.  It actually was easier to configure than most of the toys my kids get for Christmas!  I had my Kitt-In Box assembled and attached to my desk in only half an hour!

My cat quickly became interested in what this configuration was on the side of the desk.  After I set her in there a couple times she realized what a good napping spot it was and it has now became her second home.  I love that it matches the color of my desk and flows with the room in general.  It's also nice to not have to constantly be moving the cat off the desk because there just isn't room for her.  Now she gets to be near me and get showered with attention while I work!  This is a product I would definitely recommend!

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*Disclosure: I received a sample from the above named company in exchange for this honest review.  You can read my full disclosure HERE.

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