27 September 2010

ATETV.org Educational Television

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As a mom going back to school myself, I am all about furthering your education and I want to share with my readers the great website AETV.org!  AETV.org is a valuable tool for parents, students, and educators to gain inside information in emergency technology careers, and the educational tools you need to get there!

ATETV.org features wonderful web-based video series for those interested in the exciting field of Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology.  These videos were made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation to attract students into these particular fields.  Not only does this website give you community college program information, there is also information available for apprenticeship programs and job opportunities in these fields!

Get information to study for exciting careers such as underwater robotics, laser technology, aviation mechanics, wind-farming, high-tech agriculture, and more!

Did you know?

According to the Labor Department, the demand for technical based educated employees in the United States will be far greater in the future than the numbers of students being trained today for the jobs tomorrow.

The best part is that this is a free service for anyone who wants to take advantage of it!  No information seeking forms to fill out or any of that to bother with.  View the videos yourself to see what exciting opportunities await you!

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