22 July 2011

DuneCraft Review

"Bring Learning To Life!"

What Is The DuneCraft Difference?
DuneCraft products utilize terrariums that create a perfect growing environment for plants. With the ability to retain humidity and heat, this optimal micro-climate gives seeds the perfect sprouting chance!
You can also rest assured that DuneCraft uses only the freshest seeds and that every batch is tested to make sure that you will have a positive outcome!  Dune Craft offers over 40 different growing kits, and each kit comes with detailed instructions to help you along the way.

* DuneCraft is proudly made in the U.S.A. *

I was given the wonderful opportunity to review both the Bananas Bonanza and the Grow Your Own Strawberries kits.  My four girls were so excited to get started growing their own fruit!  The instructions that came with the kits were super easy to follow.  I was truly impressed!  

My oldest daughter started off by pouring the nutrient rich soil mixture into the bottom of the terrarium.

The twins then took turns pushing the banana seeds into the soil 1/2 inch down.

Then my other daughter topped it all of with some water!

I put the lid on the terrarium and then set it in the window sill and voila, all done!  Wasn't that process easy?

I really enjoyed reviewing these wonderful DuneCraft kits with my kiddos and I would definitely recommend them!  My kids did so well with putting these kits together with minimal help, that I think they would make the perfect gift for any young child.  

* DuneCraft also sells fun kits such as Carnivorous Plants, and various Science Kits *

Click Here To See A Product Demo For Yourself!

Disclosure: I was sent the above described products from DuneCraft in exchange for my personal review.  My opinions detailed in this review are my true and honest opinions.


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