15 July 2011

Ways To Make Money Blogging

Blogging can be both a hobby and a source of extra income if you know where to look!  There are many different ways to get paid for blogging.  You can write review posts, sell ad space, market affiliate products, and the list goes on!  

I have participated in many different programs and have narrowed the field down (at least for myself) of what works, and what doesn't.  Currently I am not selling ad space like some other mom bloggers. I personally feel I need to grow my blog more before I venture down that road.  I do however write review posts, market affiliate products, and participate in some other profitable programs.

I wanted to create a list of what I have found works so that other bloggers out there can have a good idea of where to start as far as profiting from blogging.  While I'm in no way making a full time income, I am making enough extra change a month to make it worth my time!

Here's some programs you may want to check out!

Social Spark- This is my favorite program right now for getting paid to post reviews.  The pay is good and you pick which opportunities you want to write about. You also don't need a high ranking blog to join.

Sponsored Reviews- This is another program I recently joined that seems to be working well for me.  Depending on the ranking of your blog, you can earn some serious cash for blog reviews.

Sponsored Tweets- You can sign up with this program to get paid for tweeting out sponsored messages through Twitter.  You pick what you want to tweet and you get paid per click on the link.

My Likes- This program works the same way as Sponsored Tweets, but also has the option to promote sponsored messages through your Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Wordpress, and various other accounts in addition to Twitter. 

Commission Junction- This seems to be a very popular affiliate program among website and blog owners alike.  It is an affiliate program similar to Google Affiliates, but this site seems to be working better for me. I like that some of their affiliates will pay you for leads, not necessarily just sales.


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