01 August 2011

3 Awesome Back To School Craft Ideas

School supplies can be jazzed up and made unique with just a little time and surprisingly, very little money!  I wanted to share with my readers the top 3 back to school craft projects for school supplies on a budget.  Not only will your child have some unique and amazing looking school supplies to show off, its a great opportunity to spend some fun, quality time with your child! 

Photo Credit: Craftsartsandcrafts.com

 1) Scrapbook Binder

Turn your average store bought binder into a decorative scrapbook display!  Some ideas to include are photos, fun phrases, stickers, ribbons, etc.  Need a starting point?  Check out some free scrapbook printables here and also here.

Photo Credit: Sewmamasew.com

2) "Sew Easy" Binder Pouch

Here's a fun and creative alternative to those plain colored pencil pouches!  With some spare pieces of fabric, and a few other supplies, you can sew together this one of a kind pencil pouch.  For complete instructions please visit Sewmamasew.com! 

Photo Credit: Crafttutorials.net

3) Pipe Cleaner Notebook

This one is so simple and very inexpensive to create.  All you need is a plain notebook, some tacky glue, colorful pipe cleaners, and a piece of construction paper.  Glue the pipe cleaners to the front of the notebook, folding the ends inside the front cover, and sealing off the inside of the front cover with a piece of colored construction paper.  Voila!  You have a unique and colorful new notebook!


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