19 September 2011

Join The Million Moms Challenge!

I would like to invite my readers to become part of the Million Moms Challenge on behalf of ABC News and the United Nations Foundation.  This challenge is all about helping moms and babies around the world!  The Million Moms Challenge aims to raise awareness and funds to help women and children everywhere survive and thrive. The slogan is simple, yet encouraging: "Remember, you don't need to be a mom to help a mom. You just need to be one in a million.".  

Being a mom is not an easy feat.  I believe in the Million Moms Challenge and the way it is joining moms from all over the world together to communicate, lend support, and focus on health for ourselves and our children.  This challenge focuses on the important issues on every mother's mind like access to proper nutrition for healthy pregnancies, access to quality trained midwives to assist in safe deliveries, and vaccines to keep our children healthy.

You can join in by signing up to be part of the challenge at the Million Moms Challenge website. Here you will find all sorts of ways you can help make a difference in another mom's life, as well as your own!

You can also come join in on some wonderful mommy related discussions at the Million Moms Challenge Blog Frog community.

You can also show your support by posting a picture of yourself with Million Moms written on the palm of your left hand, and your index finger up on your right!  Submit your photo to ABC News here and you could even have your photo featured on one of their shows!

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