03 October 2011

Connect With Brands On Crowd Tap!


Crowd Tap!

I just signed up with Crowd Tap today and I can't believe I had never heard of this program before!  I actually ran across a fellow blogger's post that mentioned Old Navy was screening women to test and keep an outfit from their active wear line.  I headed on over to Crowd Tap and joined {sign up was so simple!}.  

What I love is not only do you get screened to work with many of your favorite brands, the Crowd Tap user platform is so much fun to interact with!  You get to level up and earn money for yourself and a charity of your choosing from the Crowd Tap list.  You also get to earn fun badges as you complete different tasks on the Crowd Tap website.  

This is a wonderful opportunity for bloggers to work with brands.  It is also great for non bloggers as well who want to interact and work with their favorite brands!  I encourage you to sign up and join in on the fun.  You can sign up easily by clicking the above button or by signing up here!


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