12 December 2011

An OralB Crest FOR ME Mommy Party!

I had the wonderful experience yesterday of hosting a fun filled Oral B/Crest For Me Mommy Party!  My daughters had invited some of their friends, and moms too, to come join us for a party at our house to view the movie Cars 2 and learn/sample Oral B and Crest products.  We had a pretty good turn out for the party!  One mom came with her son, and another with her two daughters!  Of course they were curious about how I got this party put together with all the wonderful goodies supplied.  This is of course where I tell people about my mom blogging alter ego and how fun it is working with companies to help promote and share their products!

Oral B/Crest and BSM Media provided me with everything a party host could need for the perfect party.  I received party balloons, microwave popcorn, popcorn boxes for serving, the Cars 2 DVD, and lots of goodies to pass out in goodie bags, as well as have my guests sample such as: Cars 2 Gummy Vitamins, Pro-Health FOR ME Rinse, Oral B Stage III Toothbrushes, Pro-Health FOR ME Toothpaste, Money Saving Coupons, Product Information, and plenty of Pro-Health Flossers!  I had so much fun putting the goodie bags together!

{ My table of goodie bags! }

{ Each guest's goodie bag contained the following pictured above }

Since I planned to have the children sample the wonderful items provided, I opted to show the Cars 2 movie with popcorn first. It would be kind of pointless to brush teeth before popcorn!  I figured this would be better because then afterwards we could talk about brushing, oral health, and pass around some of the products to try.  Plus, the kids would go home with clean teeth!  Bonus!

{ Popcorn and a movie...Fun! }

After the movie I went over all the facts provided to me for the party about proper oral health, including 26 Tips and Trivia For Healthier Teeth.  We talked about the proper brushing technique and how flossing is so very important!  All the kids, and moms too, thought this party was a fun way to promote healthy smiles.

Some Facts From Oral B/Crest For Me:
* Healthy Oral Care includes brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and rinsing twice a day.
* According to the American Dental Association you should change your toothbrush every three months.
* Children should start flossing as soon as two teeth touch each other.
* Brushing alone can miss up to 30% of the tooth surface.

I had all the kids take their toothpaste and toothbrush given to them in their goodie bag and then had them show me how they brush their teeth properly since we had just enjoyed popcorn.  All the kids did great and I could tell they picked up some tips about good brushing technique.  I also let each of the kids rinse with the Berry flavored Crest Pro-Health FOR ME Rinse, which I love because it has added fluoride!

{ Way to brush those pearly whites! }

{ Kids just love the Crest Pro-Health FOR ME Berry flavored Rinse! }

At our party we also had some fun letting the kids play musical chairs, where the winner received their very own full size Crest Pro-Health FOR ME Berry Rinse!  Everyone had such a fun time and I loved hosting this mommy party.  It's a great way to network with parents and get the kids together for some good and educational fun!  Both moms complimented me on the party and even asked to be included in the next one!  The Oral B/Crest For Me line is wonderful for kids and I would recommend these products to any family.  My favorite product is the handheld disposable Pro-Health FOR ME Floss Picks.  They are so easy to grip for kids and I love that they are a lot easier to use than dealing with the traditional box floss.  All of the Oral B Stage and Pro-Health products are wonderful and I will personally continue to use these in the future.

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* Disclosure:  I was provided samples of products from Oral B/Crest, in partnership with BSM Media in exchange for hosting a mommy party and an honest blog review.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.

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