18 January 2012

Are You Smarterer?

Like to show off your smarts?  Think you're "smarterer" than your friends?  If so, you may be interested in the website Smarterer!  As a member of BzzAgent, I was selected to join the Smarterer campaign to test it out for myself and it really is a fun website that will have you hooked for sure!  BzzAgent members that joined this campaign were given access to a special BzzAgent smarterer quiz to take and share their score, mine being a score of 517.  Since I just joined BzzAgent earlier this month, my score left me feeling like I need to study and brush up on the old hive ins and outs! 

Smarterer has a variety of quizzes to test your knowledge and share - or challenge your friends with!  For instance, you can take a quiz about Twitter, Facebook, Google, Excel, PowerPoint, Blogger, WordPress, and more!  The website even includes handy Facebook and Twitter share buttons so that you can easily share your quiz scores via social media!  I recommend checking out the Smarterer website but be warned, you will get addicted quick!  I'm off to go see what other topics I may be smarterer about...

* Disclosure:  This post was written on behalf of my experiences with Smarterer and BzzAgent.  Compensation for this post is given in the form of points that can be redeemed through MyPoints via BzzAgent.  The views expressed in this post are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.

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