07 March 2012

80Bites Weight Loss Program Week 2 Review

If you missed my last week's post: Week 1 of the 80Bites diet, you can see my review here!  

I'm happy to announce that I am trying a new approach to weight loss.  It's the 80Bites program!  The 80Bites program is a whole new take on dieting and a close look at how much we are eating.  Thanks to the wonderful folks at 80Bites I am getting to review their full length program, which consists of 12 weeks.

Week 2 of the 80Bites diet includes the goal of getting your bites to the magic number - 80!

Now the first week I had noticed my bites were not that far off from 80.  I was totaling between 100-110 bites.  I found that by knocking out my late night snacking habit, combined with removing one less snack I really didn't need a day - I hit the magic number of 80 bites!  There has actually even been days where I came in under 80!  

Week 2 also involved measuring and really taking a look at how big your average bite is.  I found out that I am taking larger bites than normal, so I have worked hard to fix that during this past week.  It makes sense though - smaller bites are easier to chew and digest, which also leads to needing less bites!  Since I want to hold myself accountable, and give my readers a true review, so I will tell you that when I started this program two weeks ago I weighed 183.  Ouch, that hurts to write that!  Good news is I have lost 2 lbs. since starting the 80Bites program! Down to 181!  This program is fantastic and so well put together.  I encourage you to check out the 80Bites website and have a look around.  If you want to get the same membership as I have, the 12 week program, the cost is $49.99 available through their site.

* If you're not quite ready to start the program, but would like a take on counting and keeping track of your bites, the 80Bites app is available through the iTunes and Android app store!

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*Disclosure: This post is chronicling my journey through the 80Bites program which was provided at no cost to me in exchange for my honest weekly review and opinions.  All opinions in this review are 100% my own and are not a result of any outside influence.

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