02 March 2012

Happy Birthday Dr.Seuss!

Today is Dr.Seuss' birthday {March 2nd)!  If you're like me you grew up reading all of the wonderful books written by Dr.Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel.  Now my kids are getting to enjoy all of his wonderful books and I get to relive them by reading them with my girls! 

Here our local elementary celebrates Dr. Seuss' birthday with a Crazy Hat Day, along with lots of readings from Dr. Seuss' books.  You can celebrate with your own kiddos on this very special and festive day with some links below to some wonderful ideas!

And lots more ideas at Seussville.com

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  1. I'm loving it that a fellow "Heidi" enjoys Seuss!!! Although my Grandfather was a HUGE Seuss fan his favorite was The Grinch. He would read it to us almost every Christmas! My favorite was always The Lorax, not sure how I feel about the movie yet. I started reading Seuss to my girls when I was pregnant with them. So far my older daughter (turning two this month) loves Green Eggs and Ham. Might not hurt that her name is Sam! LOL...
    Hope you have a Happy Dr. Seuss Day!