11 May 2012

Dawn Power Clean Challenge

If you haven't heard of the new Dawn Power Clean dish soap yet, you will want to hear all the details! If you're like me it can be a dreaded chore to scrub those casserole and baked on messy remains from your precious pots and pans after meal time.  With the new Dawn Power Clean dish soap, five minutes is all you need to get that baked off mess ready to easily remove!  Dawn Power Clean is revolutionary because it provides the power of an overnight soak, in just 5 minutes!  Dawn wants to challenge you to take the 5 minute challenge with their new Power Clean product.  5 minutes to soak those dreaded dishes of yours and see the difference compared to your regular dish soap. 

For me personally, casseroles and dessert remnants are the worst for me when it comes to washing my dishes by hand.  Excited to take the five minute challenge, I put it to the ultimate test, pasta night!  I wondered how Dawn Power Clean would hold up to all the pasta sauce covered dishes.  Would it really provide the effects of an overnight soak in just 5 minutes?  The results were fantastic!  Dawn Power Clean went to work right away and left the baked on pasta sauce easily manageable after just five minutes of soaking time.  This is one product that every home must have!

Saving time in the kitchen is so important, especially for us busy moms!  For me, I always have the hubby and kids scrape off their plates before putting them in the sink.  A big thing I like to do to save time while actually cooking meals is to clean as I go along!  I put away each ingredient as I go, whether it be back on the spice rack or putting trash in the trash can.  That way when I pop my meal in the oven or get ready to serve it up, everything's already been put away and wiped down.  This leaves just the dishes afterwards and gives me more time with my family.  What's your tips for saving time in the kitchen?

Dawn Power Clean can be found at retailers nationwide and comes in the scents Refreshing Rain and Vibrant Fresh!

Make sure to stop by the Dawn Facebook page to get more information on this product plus others, as well as more handy tips!

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