12 July 2012

Creative Storage Ideas For A Kid's Room

I'm always trying to keep my kids organized as far as their bedrooms are concerned.  There's all their books, toys, gadgets, etc. that can never seem to find their way back to where they need to go so that the kids can find them the next time.  I have found some wonderful ideas for creative storage in your kids' rooms.  I know I'm inspired to try some of these!

I just love this DIY Skateboard Shelving by Spoonful.com

Have your kiddos outgrown their red wagon?  Upcycle it with this fun red wagon shelf idea by PaintedHomeDesigns.com

I never would have thought of this before but it is such a great idea!  Using planter baskets for storage by ApartmentTherapy.com

How About This Plate Rack Turned Bookshelf By MarthaStewart.com?

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