11 August 2012

Fun And Creative Back To School Lunch Ideas

Send your kiddos back to school with some fun and tasty lunch alternatives to cafeteria food.  I've found some great (and healthy!) additions to any lunch box that are sure to be a hit!  Check em' out!

Banana Dog
Photo Credit:  Kaboose.com

This one is super simple and healthy!  Spread peanut butter or cream cheese on one of the insides of a hot dog bun.  Spread the other side with jam or honey.  Seal in a container or plastic wrap and add to your child's lunchbox.  Include a banana as well in their lunch so that they can peel it and place it themselves in the bun right before they eat so it stays fresh!

Ham n' Cheese Ranch Roll-Ups!  Grab the recipe here!
Photo Credit:  Family.go.com

Check out this super easy and creative idea for Mock Sushi here!
Photo Credit:  Family.go.com

Sandwich On A Stick!
Photo Credit:  AFewShortCuts.com

For this idea simply layer on what your child loves on their sandwich such as cheese, meats, pickles, tomato, etc., with squares of bread on the end of each stick.  What a fun idea!

Black Bean Quesadillas!  Grab the recipe here!
Photo Credit:  Blogs.Babble.com

Want A Way To Get The Kids To Eat More Veggies In Their Lunches?

Try this super easy dip recipe!  Just mix some plain yogurt and a package of ranch seasoning mix together and you have a super tasty dip to add to their lunch.  Just throw in a bag of mixed baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery - you name it!  The kids will eat it up and ask for more!

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