19 September 2012

Social Media And Kids

Technology keeps us connected more now than ever before, and our kids have become a part of this.  Cell phones and computers are a big part of how our kids stay connected.  If you're like me, I not only try to limit time with electronics when it comes to my kids, I also try to keep an eye on it.  I also use social media and technology to have talks with my children regarding possible dangers behind them.  

One way to monitor and use these tools to keep the lines of communication open is to talk with your kids about their texting and online habits.  Get involved and ask them who they are talking to.  If they are playing an online game (as my girls do), ask them if they can show you how the game or website works. Remind your kids to be careful what they say or send via text or online.  Take this time to discuss cyber bullying, sexting, and the danger of online predators. 

One thing I've learned is just because a website appears kid friendly, it's really not that appropriate.  A lot of these "kid" gaming websites I have found include a chat function.  Problem is, I find a lot of them are not filtered.  In my home a gaming website has to be approved through me first.  This way I can check it out before letting them loose with it.  One kids website for games that I love because parents have to approve accounts by email and they have a safe chat function parents can set is Club Penguin.  Another good website is Disney Channel Games.  We also have a separate login for the kids on the computer where the Internet has been modified to filter what websites they can view, as well as filter search results.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a great article regarding social media and kids.  They offer some great tips to help monitor and keep communication open regarding technology with your kids.  You can check it out here.

Have any tips regarding kids and social media?  Share by commenting below!

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