24 October 2012

Find The Career That Fits Your Personality

Finding a career field that suits your personality is a great way to set yourself up for a job that you will not only love, but succeed in!  Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, a natural leader or one that likes to let others take the lead, there are many options for career choices.  The following are some personality traits along with the careers that fit those traits best.

Hands On/Realistic - Do you like hands on work?  Do you enjoy working with tools or machinery?  Consider one of many culinary programs to become a chef or follow an educational path towards becoming a computer engineer.

Detailed/Conventional - Do you pay great attention to detail when working?  Are you one that likes to follow rules and instructions carefully and by the book?  You might enjoy a career as an accountant or a pharmacy technician.

Motivated/Entrepreneur - Are you a highly motivated individual?  Are you a self starter with strong leadership qualities?  Consider a career as a marketing manager or real estate agent.

Independent/Artistic - Do you prefer to work on projects alone?  Do you love to use art as a means of self expression?  You may enjoy a career as a graphic, web, or fashion designer.

Social Butterfly/Helper - Are you naturally a very social and talkative person?  Do you enjoy helping others?  Consider a career as a registered nurse or counselor.

Thinker/Problem Solver - Do you enjoy solving complex problems?  Are you naturally curious in nature?  You may enjoy a career as a private investigator or as a paralegal.

If none of these seem to fit your personality, or if you want a more exact match for you, consider searching the internet for a variety of fantastic websites that will find you a great career based on a series of detailed personality questions.

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