24 October 2012

Sending Flowers - A Guide To Picking The Perfect Floral Arrangement

Sending flowers is a very special gesture for both the sender and the receiver. When sending floral arrangements you can ensure that you pick the flowers that are both perfect for the receiver and/or occasion, as well as the flowers that will last the longest.  I also have some tips regarding care that are unique to each different flower you choose for your arrangement.

Carnation - Carnations are known for being a great year round addition to any arrangement.  They are also very budget friendly!  You can expect a 14-21 day vase life for carnations.  For maximum vase life it is recommended that you change out the water every 2-3 days and that you re-cut stems between the nodes when switching out for clean water.

Freesia - Also available all year round.  Freesia has a shorter vase life of 5-7 days.  It is recommended to handle the stems with care, as they can get tangled easily.  Re-cut stems when changing water and be sure to remove wilted heads to encourage further flowering.  Freesia is known for it's versatile use in weddings.

Gerbera - Gerbara, also known as the Barberton Daisy, are available year round and have a vase life of 5-10 days.  It is recommended to use flower food with Gerbara because they are sensitive to bacteria.  Re-cut stems at an angle when switching water and keep out of direct heat.  Popular wedding flower.

Iris - Available all year round with a shorter vase life of 4-7 days.  To prolong vase life it is recommended that you re-cut stems every couple of days and store in a cool area.  Flower food is also good for the Iris.  Great for use in table arrangements.

Lily - Available year round with a good vase life of 10-14 days.  Re-cut stems at an angle and use flower food.  The Lily is poisonous to cats so be careful in this regard.  You can remove lily stains by brushing gently or with the use of sticky tape.  Beautiful addition to larger bouquets.

Orchid - This flower has a vase life of 10-14 days and is available year round.  Orchids thrive best in warm rooms but should avoid direct heat.  Re-cut stems at an angle and for maximum vase life mist lightly daily.  Great for cascading bouquets/arrangements.

Peony - Available February - July, but hits it's peak April - June.  Has a vase life of approximately 5-10 days.  Re-cut stems every 2-3 and replace with fresh water and flower food.  Great for adding elegance to any home arrangement or as a wedding flower.

Rose - Available year round with a vase life of 7-14 days.  Use a knife to re-cut rose stems at an angle and place in fresh, cold water.  Change water every 2-3 days with the addition of flower food.  Display in a cool spot out of direct sunlight.  Roses are very versatile and perfect for any occasion!

Sunflower - Available May - October, and limited availability outside of these months.  Sunflowers have a vase life of 7-10 days.  Re-cut stems at an angle and place in fresh water.  Not recommended with the use of floral foam.  Remove any foliage that comes in contact with the water.  Works well as a wedding flower or as an addition to other bold floral arrangement flowers.

Tulip - Available October - June, but peaks December - April.  Vase life is 5-10 days.  Re-cut stems every 1-2 days, replacing fresh water.  Tulips thrive best when light can equally hit all sides.  Display in a cool area out of direct heat.  Popular bridal flower.  Also makes a great addition to a Spring floral arrangement.

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