26 November 2012

Education And Careers In Fraud Management

The field of fraud management deals with the monitoring of financial crimes, usually on a corporate level.  A career in fraud management can mean a number of different positions.  You may choose to specialize in the areas of credit card, banking, or insurance fraud.  Cyber security and computer crime are also other areas of interest you can explore.  Two of the most common careers in fraud management however are auditors and forensic accountants.  While education requirements can vary by position and location, your best bet for landing your career in this field is to obtain an MBA in fraud management.  A high end paying position in this field can yield you a six figure income, and these positions usually come with generous benefit packages.  If you enjoy working with numbers and have an interest in problem solving, you might find that a career in fraud management may be right for you!

What does an auditor do in the field of fraud management?

Auditors in the field of fraud management generally work in government positions on a city, state, or local level.  Their job is to audit certain businesses and individuals when deemed necessary, taking great care to ensure that both money taken in and paid out are in compliance with government regulations.  Other duties performed can include examining a company's procedures to prevent and catch any potential fraud or waste.

What does a forensic accountant do in the field of fraud management?

Forensic accountants work with law enforcement agencies and the court system when it comes to companies and financial fraud.  Forensic accountants use a combined knowledge of business and law to decide if there is grounds for legal action when it comes to crimes of the financial nature.  Careers in the field of forensic accounting and fraud examiners is projected to grow by 22% through 2018.  (GetEducated.com)

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