07 November 2012

Explore the Field of Political Science

Are you interested in going back to school to pursue a career in politics?  Political science is a social science that deals with studying aspects of state, government, and politics.  You will learn various aspects of politics including public policies, political processes, political behavior, and much more.  Political science also has subfields which contain learning about international relations, political economy, and political ideology.  Students of political science will use a variety of methodologies including humanistic and scientific approaches to review all dynamics of the political systems.

If you are looking to pursue an education in political science you will have many career options to follow graduation.  Your new skills can land you a job working in federal, state, or local governments.  You could also choose to apply your political science education in the field of law, business, journalism, campaign management, or through working with a nonprofit organization.

Degree Options in Political Science:
An Associates of Arts degree is the starting point for your journey into political science.  This can most cost effectively be obtained through your local community college.

An on site or online Bachelors in political science is your next goal to aim for.  A Bachelors degree will gain you entry level positions in government agencies, research groups, or consulting firms.  Positions can include market analyst, research assistant, or policy examiner.

A Masters degree in political science will earn you higher paying jobs in positions with government, non profit organizations, research departments, and education.  Positions can include legislative analysts, political commentators, corporate managers, and immigration officers.

If teaching political science is your end goal, then obtaining your Ph.D. in political science is what you would aim for.  A Ph.D. can also offer you great career options as a political scientist or as a high end paying policy analyst or a multitude of higher end jobs with the government.

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