26 November 2012

What You Can Do With A Masters Degree In Human Services

Whether you are working on your masters in human services or thinking about obtaining this degree, you may want to know what career options are going to be available to you upon completion.  Careers in the field of human services covers a wide range of areas including mental health and drug counseling, as well as providing services to those who may be disabled, homeless, or in need of general support when it comes to healthcare, food, and other daily living requirements.  A masters degree in human services can prepare you for any and all of these areas.  After that, your ultimate career within this field is up to you.  The following are some careers you may want to pursue with your masters degree.

Human Services Program Manager -  Under general direction a human services program manager helps to plan, organize, and evaluate a human services program and it's functionality.  Job requirements may include overseeing program grants, as well as overseeing employment and training.  The human services program manager serves as a consultant and manager for a large portion of the organization in which they work.

Mental Health Counselor - A mental health counselor works with those in the community in need of treatment for a wide variety of conditions.  Your duties will include assessment and diagnosis of a patient's mental health, compile and follow through with a treatment plan, and provide quality care for all patients.  A mental health counselor works closely with other staff and the patient's primary care physician to compile an appropriate treatment plan that will best benefit the patient.

Substance Abuse Counselor - A substance abuse counselor also works with those in the community, particularly those with drug and/or alcohol abuse problems.  Just as a mental health counselor, your duties will include assessing and diagnosing the patient accurately, coordinate and follow through with a treatment plan tailored to the patient, and work closely with other staff and the patient's physician to provide the best treatment possible.

Human Services Researcher - A human services researcher has the duty of assisting public managers and human services organizations to develop services and means of support for children, adults, and families.  You will help shape services and policies within the organization to best meet the needs of the organization and those individuals in the community that rely on their services.  Your duties may also include helping these managers and organizations with changes in their fiscal and administrative outlets.

Probation Officer - A probation officer works within the criminal justice system to supervise offenders who are both awaiting trial and those that have already been sentenced.  Your duties will include ensuring that the terms of an individual's probation are being met and enforced.  This includes regular meetings with the individuals whose cases you are assigned to make sure these conditions are met.  Regular ongoing case management and working closely with the court system is also part of the job duties of a probation officer.

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