27 December 2012

3 Easy Ways To Save On College Textbooks

If you're a college student or a parent of a student, you know just how pricey textbooks are!  The good news is there are ways you can cut that expense down by at least half of what you would normally pay for brand new textbooks.  Finding cheap textbooks is easy when you know where to look.  The following are three easy ways to save money on your books!

 Buy Used:  Always look around for a better deal on a good as new "used" textbook.  Some colleges offer used books for sale, but if your college only carries new then try searching online through auction websites or other online or local bookstores.  I have found by buying used I save at least half off the retail price!

Rent Your Books:  This is another option that is becoming popular through college bookstores.  I found that my college actually charges more to rent than if I go online and rent from an online textbook rental website.   Just Google textbook rentals and you will get a great list of quality websites where you can price compare for the best deals!

Choose E-Book Format:  Many textbooks are now available in e-book format to either view from your computer, iPad, Nook, other other tech powered device.  You can choose to either buy or rent your textbooks in this type of format.  If you don't mind a digital copy of your textbooks then this can also be a great option for saving money!

*Bonus Tip:  Use an online price comparison tool when shopping for your textbooks to save you time and money when hunting down the best deals on your textbooks.

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