19 December 2012

5 Tips On How To Write A Quality Essay

Do you get nervous or frustrated when presented with an essay assignment for class?  Getting all your ideas out into a well written and well formed essay can be a challenge for some students.  The following tips can help you on how to write coursework that will encompass quality writing with well formed ideas.

Tip #1: Take note of the essay guidelines:  

Before even attempting to write your essay be sure that you understand what your teacher expects out of you.  Teachers can differ on how they want the layout of the essay formed such as the spacing of your essay, font size, headers/footers, inclusion of page number or title page, and reference style.  Make sure to use correct in cite references and correct style in your reference list. Depending on what reference style such as APA or any other style requested, you can easily do an interent search for proper formation of your references.  Make sure you are clear on these guidelines so that you don't lose points right off the bat!

Tip #2: Create a strong introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph:  

To make your essay fluid and enjoyable for the reader, be sure to start off you essay with an introductory paragraph that states your main argument or your main idea.  Include in your introductory paragraph how the following ideas will support or elaborate on the topic.  Be sure to also include a strong closing paragraph.  Use this paragraph to sum up the ideas presented throughout your essay.

Tip #3:  Map out your paragraphs ahead of time:  

Before writing out your essay it helps to have a written layout of how your essay will be formed.  Limit each paragraph to one particular idea or thought to keep the essay itself organized and easy to read.

Tip #4:  Include questions:  

A good essay engages the reader with relevant questions relating to the essay's topic.  Using questions involving the how's and why's will not only make your writing stand out, it will also challenge the reader to think about your essay's topic on a deeper scale.

Tip #5:  Never underestimate the power of your word processor's spell check:  

One thing I never do is submit a written assignment without first running it through spell check on my word processor.  No teacher likes to see misspelled words, especially in an essay.  To ensure you don't lose points run a spell check on your essay.  The spell check will also help with ensuring proper sentence structure and will give you proper sentence structure alternatives if it catches anything not formed correctly.

Do you have any additional tips on how to write a quality essay?  Comment below!

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