07 December 2012

Earning Your Masters Degree In Creative Writing

If you love to write and would like to take your interests to a higher level and gain the knowledge and experience to succeed in the world of creative writing, then earning your creative writing masters degree may be the perfect option for you!

What to expect from a creative writing masters degree education?

During your coursework you can expect to read a broad range of materials, utilize tools for in depth critical analysis, and review new methods for reviewing your work.  You will also learn how to harness and grow your personal writing style and voice, as well as develop an extensive writing portfolio.  Coursework will explore areas such as poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.  

What careers are available once a masters degree in creative writing is completed?

When you think of creative writers, novelists and journalists probably come to mind first.  These are great career options once finished with your creative writing degree.  There are also some careers out there once finished with your education that you might not be aware of.  Some of these positions include a writing coach, screenwriter, playwright, creative writing consultant, creative writing instructor, and even work as a greeting card writer!  You may also choose to take your education and passion for writing and apply it working as a blogger or article content writer.  There are truly many opportunities for creative writers out there right now.

What kind of salary can I expect out in the workforce once finished with my creative writing masters degree?

While the salary of a creative writer can vary depending upon which career they choose to enter into once education is completed, the average salary for a creative writer runs about $53,900 a year, with a realistic range of $28,070 to $105,710 a year.  This information was found from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, released May 2009.

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