04 December 2012

Guest Post: 5 Best Tips To Decorate Your Backyard For A Girl's Tea Party

A tea party is a time-honored tradition among ladies, and girls often love to host a tea party for their friends as well. Your backyard is the ideal place for a garden-themed tea party. Of course, it is not enough to simply set up a table and chairs and to serve tea to your daughter’s guests. By following a few key tips, you can decorate your backyard beautifully for a tea party your daughter and her friends will remember.

1. Floral Table Settings

First, consider the table settings that will be used at your girl’s tea party. A fine tea party generally will utilize a family’s best china, but you understandably may not want your daughter and her friends using your fine china in the backyard. You may consider investing in a set of decorative but very affordable dishes with a floral theme for the event. Most sets of dishes are full service and include tea or coffee cups. If you are hosting a tea party on a dime, there are usually a variety of paper plates and paper cups that can be used for this purpose.

2.Floral Centerpieces

Your table would not be complete without a beautiful tablecloth topped with a floral centerpiece. Consider adding a lace or tulle covering on top of a lower tablecloth for that extra special touch. Flowers may be purchased from the store, or you can clip your own fresh flowers from your garden and place them in a beautiful vase.

3.A Touch of Whimsy With Seating Options

A garden tea party may be a formal affair, but it also has a touch of magical whimsy. One way to enhance the whimsical feeling of your space is to use different seating options in the yard. Each guest will feel special in her own chair. While you may consider using lawn and garden chairs, you may also bring out a desk chair, a chair from the kitchen table and more. Tie different colored ribbons around each chair and accent them with different colored flowers to complete the look.

4.A Special Walkway

Whether you have decided to place your party table on your patio just a few steps from the back door in the middle of your lawn, consider how you can create a special walkway for your party guests. You may roll out a rug or even create a pathway of flower petals for your guests to walk across. They will feel like honored guests as they make their way to the main table.

5.Spectacular Accents

As a final note, consider how you can decorate the space over the girls’ heads. One idea is to hang cutouts of flowers or butterflies overhead. During the days leading up to your party, you and your daughter can use paint, glitter and sequins to create beautiful butterflies and flowers. These can be tied on tree branches, an overhead trellis or other overhead features for an amazing effect.
A backyard tea party is a wonderful idea, and it can be an event that your daughter and her friends will remember for years to come. By following these tips, you can easily create a beautiful space for an amazing tea party!

Written by Jamie Lovelock
Jamie runs a landscaping business. Jamie gets a lot of inspirations from his dad who is a gardening enthusiast and also runs a business for pool fencing in Brisbane . Jamie is planning a garden tea party in his backyard for his daughter who is turning 8 year-old.

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