14 December 2012

Keep Your Family Healthy This Holiday Season With Purell

This holiday season when the family is all gathered together think Purell for keeping germs at bay!  The hugs, kisses, and the shaking of hands are all great gestures to share this time of year, but what about the germs?  Don't spend your holiday season nursing the cold or flu when you can prevent your family and yourself from getting sick in the first place with Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer.  Purell Advanced kills more germs with just one squirt when compared to two squirts needed from other leading national brands.  Purell kills most germs and is available in a nourishing gel formula that is easy on hands.  Purell is also available in refreshing Aloe gel.

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Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer now has fun holiday season scents that are conveniently sized for on the go!  This holiday line comes with Jelly Wrap, a handy way to clip your Purell to your purse or even your child's backpack for germ defense anywhere you may go.  This holiday line includes the scents Wintergreen Mint, Sweet Plum, Holiday Spice, and O Christmas Tree.  Which scent would you love to try?

Looking for some additional tips on how to keep your family healthy this holiday season?  Below are some of my favorites that will keep germs away and will help ensure that your family has a healthy holiday season!

Tip 1:  Wash your hands often!  This is the best tried and true method of helping keep the germs away.

Tip 2:  Eat healthy and have your family take a daily multivitamin!  I know that eating healthy during the holidays can be hard, but try your best and have your family take a daily multivitamin to keep your immune system geared up for defense against germs.

Tip 3:  Be mindful of food preparation!  With all the holiday cooking going on make sure that you are careful not to cross-contaminate surfaces when dealing with particularly raw meat.  Keep food preparation areas clean and be sure to cook your holiday meats to the required temperatures to ensure food safety.

Tip 4:  Take care when out holiday shopping!  We all know that shopping carts and public restrooms can harbor many germs.  Make sure to wash your hands while out on the go.  Another good idea is to keep a travel size of Purell with you when you're out so you can sanitize your hands immediately after using a shopping cart to help keep those germs away!

I hope that you found the above tips helpful and I wish all my readers a safe and germ free holiday season!  To learn more about keeping your family healthy and germ free this season, visit Purell.  Be sure to also "like" Purell on Facebook below for more tips and offers.

*Disclosure:   “I wrote this blog post while participating in a paid SocialMoms and PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here.”

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