07 January 2013

The Secrets to Creating an Inviting and Friendly Guest Room

Guest Room
One of the most enjoyable rooms to decorate in any house is the guest room. This is a room you want to make as comfortable and attractive as possible to welcome your guests. You probably know from your own experience that there is nothing nicer than opening a guest room door and finding fresh bed linen, a comfortable bed and all the little touches that make you feel you are valued and welcome. Setting up the bedroom is easy, because you just have to think of all the things that would make your stay more pleasant and offer the same to your guests. Here are some simple ideas to get you started.

Comfort Comes First
Firstly, think about who you have to stay most often. Is it elderly people, younger family or just your own friends. You can decorate accordingly, but the most basic needs are the same for whoever comes to visit. First and foremost, the bed must be comfortable. If you can afford a new bed and mattress then you can be sure your visitors will have a good night's sleep. A mattress should really be replaced every few years, so think hard before just covering an old one up and hoping for the best. Look out for good deals on bedroom items, as they are quite frequent and it's worth waiting until a sale is on before you take the plunge. Speak to the salesmen or ring customer services to chat about the best option for you within your budget. They should be well versed in the different types of mattress that are available. Next you need to think about bedroom furniture. A small chest of drawers may be all you need if guests tend to stay for a few days. A matching wardrobe may not be needed at all, although it will provide superb extra storage for items you can't fit in your own bedroom. Finally, make sure that the curtains in your guest room are heavy enough to keep out the sunlight.

Added Extras to Spoil Your Guests
A bedside table is a must, with a reading lamp and maybe a glass for water. You could supply a bottle of water and a book or two. Consider that it is not uncommon for people to find it difficult to sleep in a strange environment, so you might also like to provide magazines, a pad and pen, or even a little TV if you have one. If you have Wi-Fi and think your guests might use it, make sure you tell them the password. A fresh fluffy towel, fresh flowers and any little toiletries you have will make them feel extra special.  If you are adding on to your home to make room for a spare guest room, consider looking into bi-fold doors, which provide a wonderful way to incorporate both your outdoor and indoor living spaces.  This extra addition works well for any room in the home and provides for a great source of natural lighting. 

It's nice to really air the room out before guests arrive. Leave the window open for an hour, minimum. A dark glass jar of water by the radiators, on a window ledge will help keep the atmosphere in the bedroom humidified. It's an old wives trick that really works and makes the room more relaxing to sleep in. Because they are infrequently used, guest bedrooms can be either uncomfortably hot, or uncomfortably cold. If it was your own bedroom you would adjust the heating to suit, but it is unlikely your guest will complain. So make sure the room temperature is set at a comfortable 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Whilst this may seem on the cool side, it is known to be the optimum temperature for improved sleep. Make sure your guests know where they can find extra bedding and they should then have everything they need for a wonderful stay.

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