03 January 2013

Tips For Hand And Nail Care In The Winter Months


 Taking care of your skin in the winter months, especially your hands {and nails!} is important.  Skin can easily become dry and cracked with winter temperatures and harsh cold winds.  Use the following tips to keep your hands soft and nourished - and your nails healthy!

* Tip 1:  Stay hydrated - For healthy skin and nails you need to keep yourself hydrated.  Drink plenty of water and your skin and nails will surely thank you!

* Tip 2:  Prevent cracked, splitting nails by soaking them in warm water for up to 10 minutes, then follow up with a good cuticle oil.  Do this a couple times a week and your nails will look fab all winter long!

* Tip 3:  When going out in the cold weather be sure to wear gloves or warm mittens to protect your hands and nails from becoming dry and cracked.

* Tip 4:  Moisturize - Using a good moisturizer will keep your skin and nails soft and hydrated.  One great hand cream that locks moisture in is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.  It's available in both scented and unscented formulas and it's great for nails too!

* Disclosure:  This post was written in conjunction with my partnership through BzzAgent.  I was provided a sample product in exchange for this post.

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