25 January 2013

Your Guide to Cleaning Out the Clutter at Home

Most of us have more clutter around the house than we’d like, and getting rid of it can be hard. No matter how trivial they may seem, your stuff is valuable to you (whether that’s sentimental value or a promise to use it “someday”). We aren’t talking about living the life of a minimalist, but rather making an effort to only keep what you really use. Here we’ll teach you how to decide what you can live without.

Sort Through your Stuff
Before you can begin to de-clutter your home, you need to sort through it. Categorize items and deal with each category separately; have a pile for clothing, books, electronics and papers. If there’s anything taking up too much space in your home, it needs a category. Within each, sort items into three piles: what you’re keeping, what you’re getting rid of and what you aren’t certain of. When you’re done, go through the “not sure” pile and get rid of about half the items. Throw out what you don’t want and put everything else back in its place. If you keep something and don’t use it within the next month, it’s time to evaluate whether you really need it.

Do it Again in a Month

After thirty days, repeat the whole process over again, and you’ll find it easier to get rid of things you truly don’t need. Who knows—you may end up loving the extra space you’ve created, and you probably won’t miss anything you’ve thrown away or donated.

Nix the “One-Offs”

By the time you’ve gone through all your stuff and then endured the thirty-day reevaluation period, you’ve probably ridded your home of most of the clutter. All that’s left are the things you really need, and the things you don’t have an abundance of but are taking up valuable storage space. How about that guitar you promised to learn how to play, or those golf clubs that are gathering dust in the corner? If you don’t have time for such hobbies, it may be time to sell them.

What to do With all Your Stuff

When you’re clearing the clutter, there are options. It’s easy to throw things out with the trash, but if your stuff is in good shape you can also donate it or sell it. Below we’ll look at some ways to let go of your extra stuff.

· Donation is an easy way to throw it out without creating more work for the sanitation crew. Give your stuff to the Salvation Army or Goodwill in your area, or donate it to a worthy cause.
· Sell your stuff on sites like eBay and Craigslist. For items like electronics, there are sites like Gazelle and Amazon with large used-product sections.
· A lot of stuff (like CDs and photos) can live on in a much smaller form on your computer’s hard drive.
· For larger items like furniture, renting a self storage unit is a viable option.
· If you simply don’t want an item anymore, just put it out by the curb. If it’s in good shape, someone will likely come along and take it!

Cleaning can be difficult when it comes to getting rid of stuff you’re attached to, but we think you’ll like your newly de-cluttered home even more. We hope this guide has helped you tame the clutter and take control of your life. 
The article was written by the team at Bingham Self Storage – serving Nottingham’ storage needs. Check them out on Facebook. 

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