02 February 2013

Earn An Online Master Of Public Administration Degree

If you're someone who likes to take charge and you envision yourself in a solid career in upper management, exploring a degree in public administration may be for you!  There are plenty of high quality degree programs available for an online master of public administration.  By studying for a degree online it allows students the flexibility to be able to work their regular job, while also allowing studying on their own time to complete their degree.  

What can you do with a degree in public administration?

Those holding a masters degree in public administration can work in a variety of positions within local, state, and federal government, as well as through various nonprofits.  Some career options to explore include health care administration, city managers, and urban/regional planners.  The average median income for someone in the field of health care administration is $84,270.  City  managers can expect an average median salary of $78,772.  Urban and regional planners earn an average median salary of $63,040.

What kinds of courses are covered in a masters degree in public administration?

Courses for a masters degree in public administration will include economics, law, anthropology, political science, public finance, managerial accounting, and more.  Some online degree programs will offer students the option to follow a specific concentration for their degree, such as human resources management or public affairs administration.

What skills can I expect to gain from a masters degree in public administration?

A masters degree in public administration will leave you with a wide variety of valuable skills as you move towards the career of your dreams.  Skills learned will include interpersonal communication, organizational leadership, strategic thinking, and quantitative analysis to name just a few.  With so many quality online degree programs out there for potential students, you are sure to find one that will start you down your path to success!

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